I, امید آزادی بوگر, am a proud graduate of the highly prestigious and selective Abdolmaleki kindergarten, an elite institution of lower education for dull kids.
I endorse the blue ribbon's cause.
I believe this must be mandatory reading in you-know-where's educational system.
I have an infinite craving for knowledge.
I have a wonderfully big nose.
I wish real life had background music when you needed it.
I have a wide range of interests, between theology and quantum physics. 
I wish I had the guts to do this.
I own a small island in the Pacific Ocean.
I lied in the previous sentence.
I do not take many things seriously, including the not-taking-seriously.
I hardly differentiate colors, both literally and figuratively. 
I sometimes secretly count with my fingers.
I am a snob who does not like snobs.
I am optimistically pessimist.
I do not wear a watch.
think a lot about (my) death.
I like cinema.
I sometimes think molotov cocktail.
I have a sense of humor and get bored easily.
I think a lot about (my) death.
Sir Eric Cartman of Southpark was my hero and role model.
I am always on a fast-track weight loss plan, which never seems to be working.
Count the 'I's above and feel the unbearable weight of this ego; horrible!