My primary point of interest in literary scholarship is the relationship between literature and society, aesthetics and politics, as well as the politics and forms of representation. 

I am specifically interested in the functions and implications of the discourse of literature, as a distinct intellectual and critical field, in contemporary Iran. Given that the history of modern literature in most non-western contexts begins with the “importation” of the novelistic discourse from European literatures during the nineteenth century, I have developed an increasing interest in the relationship between modern Persian literature (from 1900) and World Literature. 

What fascinates me in World Literature is the relationship between socio-cultural change and literary transformation: how does the shift in social ideologies and relations of labor impact literary notions/forms and ultimately change them? How does the literary discourse imagine the social at any specific historical moment and justify itself accordingly? How could the social be translated into the literary for the most adequate aesthetic representation? 

I am also intrigued by the consequences of the coexistence of modern literary (i.e. the novel) and non-literary discourses (e.g. cinema, religion): I would like to understand the differences that hold between various literary and cultural forms and the conditions of their existence, persistence in or adaptability to various social contexts. For example, even though Iranian cinema has been able to establish itself as a creative and independent form of art, modern Iranian literature (specifically the Persian novel) has not fared equally well. Given that the production environment of both is the same, why does one art form flourish and  the other decline?

Moreover, I find alternative aesthetics, peripheral epistemologies and global modernity important subjects. In my doctoral research, I focused on the Persian novel and the issues involved in the transmission of a literary form from European literary systems to peripheral ones: I wondered why the novel isn't a dominant literary concept or genre in the Persian literary system and addressed the genre in the Iranian context's specificities.